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Are you a positive, kind & hard working leader to many?
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“How do I create more balance in my own life?”
“How can I become a more effective communicator?”
“How can I grow to become an even better leader?”
“What exactly do I want next in my life & how do I get myself there?”
“How do I successfully transition into the next, new stage of my life?”
“How do I create or improve certain relationships?”
“How can I live a happier, healthier lifestyle?”

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Kind Words

“Taking Jennifer’s class was one of the best things I did in my life...She and her classes are truly inspiring and eye opening as well as life altering…She has given me the tools that I seek especially during the difficult and challenging times...She truly is a godsend and a guardian angel. She showed me that there are no tricks or shortcuts...she gives you the daily tools you can use to live the best life you can live, a life by choice and design and not default. She showed me I can live my dream life today! Love you Jennifer.”

Boushra Almutawakel, Artist & Photographer, Yemen
On BBC’s List of 100 Inspiring & Influential Women Around The World

“I started working with Jen when she first launched her Something Different for Women NYC program in 2003. While that was a program designed for personal growth, I’ve found that it has helped me in my career in many ways. Using the tools I’ve learned in Jen's classes, I have become more present with my employees, more conscious when making career moves, and more positive in my interactions with others at all levels of the organizations I’ve worked with.”

Jennifer Lacov
Chief Financial Officer

“I’ve been given so many life changing tools through working with Jen Mac that have helped me soar and reach the potential that I always new was possible but didn’t know how to reach. The lessons I’ve learned gave me a roadmap to move forward not only in my career but in my personal life. I am truly grateful for the life I now have both personally and professionally. It has all been made possible through the lessons learned and the guidance of Jen Mac.”

Denise Bucaoto
Director of Marketing at a Global Insurance Carrier

“Big thanks to the talented Jen Mac for her powerful webinar, ‘Navigating The Workplace Via Effective Communication.’ The Family Promise Affiliate staff can’t say enough good things about it! ... Seriously, we got so much positive feedback on your presentation!!! This might be the most popular webinar we’ve ever done.”

Sandra Miniutti
C.O.O. of Family Promise

“Jen was my very first coach. Our powerful work together catapulted me into the next level of my career. When I first started with Jen I was working at a nonprofit making $42,000/year. Today I have a multiple 7-figure business and a life that I love. Jen gave me the tools to step into my power, unlock my leadership potential, and create limitless possibilities for myself.”

Selena Soo
Creator of Impacting Millions

“Jen Mac’s classes have changed my life for the better! The tools I learned throughout her classes have helped me approach every day events with grace and confidence. Since taking her class, I started my own business, met and married my husband and have become more confident within both work and personal relationships. Jen creates an environment of empowered, positive women that are supportive and kind. It is a sisterhood that is unparalleled. I am forever grateful that I invested in myself and took this class.”

Patty Di Maria
Executive Producer/Show Runner
Founder – LadyPants Productions, LLC

“I had the good fortune of meeting Jen Mac at a vulnerable time in my life; recently separated, mother of 2 toddlers and at a cross roads in my career. Jen taught me how to find my voice and realize my self-worth as a woman. Through her teachings I was able to make clear headed decisions, ask for what I deserved and ultimately land in a healthy thriving marriage and career. She set me on a right path to lead a life that prioritizes me over anything else. Although that may sound egocentric, it’s not. Taking care of my needs before others has made me a better mom, wife, friend, leader and co-worker. I'll be forever grateful to Jen Mac’s coaching devoted to my well-being and growth as a woman.”

Linda Gesell
President of Operations, Atrium

“Jen Mac reaches inside you, venturing into those most fearful of rooms we all hide in. She shines her light on a path you didn’t see before, illuminating a way out that seems...DO-able. And by taking baby step after baby step, you acquire the skills of a grown up, to achieve the dreams of a child.”

Mary Birdsong
Actress/Writer/Comic: Succession (HBO), The Daily Show, Reno 911, Broadway, The Descendants (w/George Clooney)

Meet Jen Mac

Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore is an executive life coach, trainer, speaker & writer, who’s been helping others further their own personal & professional development since 2003.

Her 1 on 1 clients are successful entrepreneurs, executives & c-level leaders in New York City & around the globe. She also serves women everywhere aspiring to lead — whether it’s to become a better leader to themselves, in their homes with their spouses and/or children, in their communities, at their jobs or with starting a business.

Jen’s belief is simple:

When you focus on your own further development & continually create a life you love, you live better. When you live better, you’re better to everyone around you...especially those you lead!

Living this credo has allowed Jen to consciously create & live her own dream life, including being of service to more than 1,200 clients.

How did Jen go from being majorly once again feeling happy to serve? Read Some Of Her Story Here.