I Help Create Happier Leaders & More Positive Role Models For Our World!

Hi, I’m Jen Mac, my company’s “Something Different For Women” & today I lead programs for female leaders so they’re happier; both personally & professionally fulfilled as well as 100% supported. (I basically help leaders live better so they lead better!) I also lead programs for those aspiring to lead.

Still, this wasn’t always the mission…

Experience Inspires

In 2012 my total client base started to exceed 1,000 women. During this tipping point, I didn’t have the kind of support in place someone now in a leadership role for over 1,000 women needed!

I was at a loss because everyone around me looked to me for continual education, resources & guidance. Even so, I now needed greater support myself. Not wanting to disappoint those I served, I was afraid to make multiple, major changes…though my well being depended on it.

After 6 months enlisting various types of help, I was still unsuccessful in making the necessary transitions for my ever growing business at that time. Feeling utterly exhausted & defeated, I took an indefinite hiatus…choosing for the time being, to focus solely on raising my two, young children.

It wasn’t until years later, after meeting with several leaders to see how I could support them, that it clicked! I realized not only could I help with their specific, personal & professional challenges as leaders – but the support I gave to them was what I myself had needed, a few years back!

Thus, I began a new mission…

Today, I support others in leadership roles so they’re happier, more fulfilled & living their best lives too! I also help create more positive leaders for all of us & our world! 

I do this by leading group, very small group & 1 on 1 programs for clients in positions of leadership as well as for those aspiring to lead.

Leaders Are More Impactful, When They Themselves Are Deeply Supported!

Or put another way…great leaders need great support themselves to be continually great for others! As I’ve shared, I know first hand that when leaders don’t have enough support (or the right kind), eventually they hit a breaking point.

Whether it be overwhelm, anxiety or a source of continual unhappiness in their lives, eventually it impacts everything…including their loved ones & their ability to utilize their full potential when serving others.

However, when leaders take the time to focus on their own further development & consciously create their best lives, they live better. This positively impacts & benefits everyone around them too!


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