March 2019

Once a year in nature, spring arrives. The season is a beautiful time of growth, rebirth & positive change. No matter how rough our winters may be & no matter how endless some winter seasons can seem, spring nevertheless shows up…eventually! The spring season is then a good reminder for us all that in time,…

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June 2017 – You’ve Got The Power!

Blog Image June 2017

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in a cycle of wrong thinking. Often times we can look at what we don’t yet have or what we haven’t yet accomplished or achieved & start thinking to ourselves, “this isn’t going to happen” “it’s totally impossible” or “it’s just not for me.” Combine this…

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May 2017 – Life’s For Living! Are You?

May 2017 blog image

I’m pretty certain that most everything I’ve ever set out to do, I set out to do both with the intention to enjoy the experience & to succeed at it. This is probably the case for the majority of us human beings though. For who doesn’t deep down, wish to both enjoy & succeed at…

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April 2017 – When We Lose Our Way

While there are many wonderful & exciting things about the times we’re currently living in, our modern times also present us with some truly great challenges. Today, our world is incredibly fast-paced & overloaded with information. Whether it’s assignments given to us at work, around the clock news delivery or the constant barrage of promoted…

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March 2017 – Practicing Happiness

How often do you do the things that make you truly happy? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Rarely? Never? While happiness may be the intention behind much of what we each set out to do daily in our lives, it can often still feel delayed or chronically pushed to the back burner. This is because for many…

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February 2017 – Self Love & Self Care

Since I began teaching my courses to women in 2003, I’ve both talked & written about (many times!) the power of & the need for, self love. While the term ‘self love’ today often gets misused & at times associated with narcissism, ‘self love’ as I discuss it here, solely refers to the desirable characteristic…

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January 2017 – The Power Of Dreams

January 2019

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge believer in the power of dreams. Dreams deeply desired, turn into goals. Goals, when we choose to focus on them & work towards them steadily, can be achieved! In my own life I’ve known the joy of achieving several major goals. At one time…

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