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In this thing called life, we human beings need each other. This is not my opinion or optional if you’re aiming to live optimally; we human beings are hardwired for connection. I believe this is not just so that we survive but so that we all thrive together too.

One, ongoing challenge of our time (that I often notice & therefore write about a lot!) is the downside of our fantastic, technologically advanced era. While we’re certainly living in exciting times, the newness of it all; whether it be living on social media, the rapid pace of technological updates or other, has caused us humans to find ourselves constantly wandering in new & unfamiliar terrain. Some of this new & unfamiliar terrain is less in-person, human connection…& a cutting down of others instead of figuring out yet how to better use all technologies to bring us together in the ways we humans crave! I liken these times to the frontier period in the western U.S. that we all know as the “Wild West.” During that time, which was a period of 30 years, untamed territories west of the Mississippi River were filled with all types of outlaws; gangsters, gunslingers, gamblers…making life unpredictable & creating an environment of “every man for himself.” Eventually as a nation though, we found our way to safer, more peaceful times; living amongst each other more lawfully. Similarly with time, I’m certain we’ll also find our way with today’s ongoing & rapid technologies; using them when we truly need them & then returning to more time spent with others because we’ve realized the deep human need for in-person connection & the truly beneficial value of it.

Until then though, we each need to be as conscious as we can about maintaining our vital, human connections! We can each do our best to prioritize them by creating a daily routine of sorts; ensuring we get whatever positive connections we need from others to not only survive but thrive each day! So, if you yourself have been feeling a little disconnected lately…or more than usual…or simply not as connected to others as you’d like to be, read on for some helpful reminders in regards to how you can connect (or reconnect) with the people who most bring you to life! WE ALL HAVE A TRIBE…so it’s important to find it & once we do, stay connected!

#1: Find (Or Remember) What Your Vibe Is! We’re all made up of energy. The specific vibration of our energy comes from the things that we mostly think about, focus on & do. Energetically, this is what attracts you to other, like-minded or similar people…& they to you! So, if you’re wanting to find (or reconnect to) your tribe, first think about your vibe! What are your specific passions, talents & loves? What do you focus on most? List them all out right now! (Even if you know all of yours, make a list anyway as it’s fun to look at & see!) If your list is long, pick your top 3. My list had 9 things on it total, so I choose my top 3 & put them in this order:

  1. Self Care: really taking excellent care of myself every 24 hours through prioritizing my sleep, eating clean, moving my body in ways I love & surrounding myself with positive, like-minded people.
  2. Dance: moving my body to awesome music with my “dance soul sisters,” several times a week!
  3. My work: learning something new daily, writing, teaching & speaking on all I’ve learned these past 27 years.

#2: Find (Or Reconnect With) Your Tribe(s)! Now that you’ve revisited all of your passions, talents & loves…& listed out your top 3, think about the tribe of people perhaps connected with each one. Maybe they’re 3 different tribes. Maybe they’re all connected to the same, one tribe. Truly, it doesn’t matter! All that really matters is that you now think about the people that have been in your life; connected to that passion, talent or love you have. Whether you’re in contact or not, decide to reach out to some or all of them immediately…or as soon as possible! This way, you can feel the love, connection & support of others, more regularly once again. Don’t yet have a tribe? Not to worry! This is an opportunity then to connect with others…so start today & make the effort! Begin a little research to find a community or two. One of the upsides (& irony) of today’s technological era, is that it’s never been easier to find groups of people…whether you look on Facebook, Meetup or an old bulletin board still found somewhere in your neighborhood! Regardless, the key is to do your best to truly connect with other human beings & in person if possible…so you feel genuine, human connection & support!

#3: Prioritize One (Or More) Of Your Tribes…So You Experience Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Human Connection Going Forward! Now that you’re once again clear on what your vibe is, who your tribes are & you’ve connected (or reconnected) to some or all of them, keep this up for yourself! This way, you’ll ensure you experience more ongoing, human connection truly needed for you to thrive. Therefore, take out your calendar right now & decide what’s doable, maybe even necessary for you to ensure more connection, love & support in your day to day life. Is it a weekly, group call Sunday nights…that’s easy enough to schedule & initiate every 7 days for an hour? Or maybe a simple, daily text before you slip into bed each night? Perhaps it’s an in person brunch every Saturday…or the 1st Saturday of every month? You, of course, can think about what feels right & then make it happen! “People who need people” after all, “are the luckiest people in the world!”

Remember, we human beings are biologically wired to connect! So love yourself enough to prioritize ongoing, human connections with those who match your vibe. If you do this, you’ll certainly thrive!

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