Who is Jen Mac?

Jen Mac is a guide, mentor and friend to women looking to make positive life changes. An unending seeker and student of positive, personal transformation and growth, she has been on a conscious journey of deeper and deeper awakening since she was 17 years old; for the last 25 years. For those interested in her full bio, click here.

What is Jen Mac’s background?

After attending a parochial elementary school, public elementary school, private junior high school, two private high schools and a top university, Jen came away realizing that some of the most useful knowledge, life skills and tools needed for her to be really successful in life, had not ever been taught to her! So at age 17, she set out on her own to begin learning all of the things she felt strongly were necessary to both know and learn in order to live an exceptional life; how to love yourself, be happy, be at peace with yourself and others, be comfortable in your own skin, how to know, live and feel peace in your day to day life, how to create a healthy, loving relationship with a significant other, how to create loving, peaceful, healthy, reciprocal relationships with others, how to do work you love, have both purpose and passion, care for yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially, how to live fully, make transitions successfully, create, map out and achieve goals, conceive, birth and parent more consciously… and the list continues to grow and evolve as she continuously progresses on her own life path which also includes sharing with and empowering other women these last 12 years. This all has become her life’s work as she has now spent two and a half decades studying in depth, positive, personal transformation via her own journey along with lecturing on and teaching what she has both accomplished and learned on that journey to hundreds of women in New York City and around the globe. For those interested in her full bio, click here.

What does Jen Mac offer?

Currently, Jen Mac offers in person talks and soon, two, different series of tele-courses.

Who attends Jen Mac’s talks and tele-courses?

Like minded women around the globe, looking to make positive life changes. They are women open and ready for good things; kind-hearted and seeking connection with other like minded women wanting to grow. They are women willing and excited to make the investment of time, money and energy in themselves at this point in their lives. They are also open minded, committed to the journey and believers that they can make positive life changes. Women range in age from 18 to 88, already awakening on their journey or just beginning. Some are in school, others are stay at home moms or career women. These are the amazing and fabulous women who take Jen Mac’s courses and who comprise the community of “Something Different For Women.”

Who is not right for Jen’s work and community?

Women who find themselves in a period of either deep introspection, grief or anger. Although we all may find ourselves in each one of these places at some point in our lives, this is not the right work or community to best support any of these specific junctures. While a woman in any of these places is welcome at another period in her life, prior to then, we encourage you to love and honor yourself now by finding the right guide, support or community for where you are today. Also, women who need/are looking for one on one attention rather than a class setting and community experience. Due to the sheer volume of clients Jen Mac now has 12 years in (along with the fact that Jen is only one) it is no longer humanly possible for her to give individualized attention. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Therefore, this work is best suited for women who enjoy a class setting along with being part of a like-minded community of positive, supportive women.

Where does Jen Mac hold her talks and tele-courses?

Jen Mac holds her in person talks in downtown Manhattan. Her two, different series of tele-courses are done via phone.

When are Jen Mac’s talks and tele-courses offered?

Jen Mac’s in person talks are offered monthly, on the first Saturday afternoon of each month between the hours of 2-5pm. Her two, different series of tele-courses are offered year round on Wednesdays at 12:15-1:45pm EST. Click here for a current, upcoming schedule for all.

What do I need to do if I want to attend one of Jen Mac’s talks or tele-courses?

If you wish to sign up for one of Jen’s in person talks or tele-courses, your first time, you will need to fill out our uniform, one time request form. Once your request form is approved, you will be guided through the payment process. Once your payment is received, you will have completed your enrollment and officially have a remaining spot reserved!

Why is there a one time request form in order to attend Jen’s talks and tele-courses?

Everyone interested in attending Jen’s talks or taking her tele-courses fills out a one time request form before being accepted to attend or participate because on both sides, there is a major investment. On both ends, there is an investment of time, energy and financial commitments. Therefore, we want to be certain that you are a candidate who is in the correct place in your life to truly benefit from what we offer. Otherwise we are wasting your time, energy and money along with ours and all the other participants. Jen does what she does because she is passionate and truly invested in living her best life along with anyone else open to or already on that journey. Therefore, it is more important to us to make sure that you are in the right space and time in your life to truly benefit from what we offer over taking your money. With this process, we can then ensure a safe, supportive and productive environment for everyone, every time!

What are your payment policies?

All payments are made in full, via paypal and are non-refundable.

Can I “gift” my friend/mother/cousin/co-worker a talk or tele-course?

We do not allow gifting of any talks or tele-courses as we have found over the span of a decade that while intentions are always good, it rarely works. Since a deep, personal desire, willingness and receptivity is required in order to gain the full benefits of this work, someone not making their own personal investment on every level, including financially, rarely commits. Therefore, so as not to disrupt the positive flow for all those 100% personally invested and personally enrolled, gifting is not currently offered.