Who is Jen Mac?

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What is Jen Mac’s background?

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What does Jen Mac offer?

Jen Mac offers in person and online programs for women. Click here for a current list of offerings.

Who attends Jen Mac’s classes and programs?

Like minded women interested in their own ongoing personal and professional development. Women who are open, ready and excited to make some positive changes are ideal participants! Since 2003, a little more than 98% of the women who’ve taken Jen Mac’s classes have come strictly through word of mouth. They are women open and ready for good things; kind-hearted and seeking connection with other like minded women wanting to grow. They are also women willing and excited to make the investment of time, money and energy in themselves at this point in their lives. Committed to the journey and believers they can continually create change, women range in age from 18 to 88, already awakening further on their journey or just beginning. Some are in school, others are stay at home moms or career women. These are the amazing and fabulous women who take Jen Mac’s classes and programs and who comprise the community of “Something Different For Women.”

Who would best be served by a different approach than Jen Mac’s classes and programs?

Women who currently find themselves in a period of either deep anger, anxiety or grief. While we all may find ourselves in any of these places at some point in our lives, this is not the right work or community to best support any of these specific junctures. Although a woman in any of these places today is welcome at another period in her life, prior to then, we encourage you to best love and honor yourself now by finding the right guide, support or community for where you are today! Likewise, women who need and are looking for one on one attention rather than a class setting and community experience would most benefit from a different, more individualized approach. Due to the sheer volume of clients Jen Mac now has 15 years in (along with the fact Jen is only one) it is no longer humanly possible for her to give individualized attention. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Therefore, this work is best suited for women who have some type of one on one support already set up in their lives and are now looking for/ready to enjoy a class setting along with being part of a like-minded community of positive, supportive women.

Where does Jen Mac hold her classes and programs?

At present, Jen Mac holds her classes and programs in New Jersey only. She also currently offers one, complimentary program online.

When are Jen Mac’s classes and progams offered?

Jen Mac’s classes and programs are offered throughout the year. Some programs may only be offered at a specific time annually. Click here for a current list of her offerings.

How far in advance can I sign up for an upcoming class or program?

Currently, this varies. Please email us regarding this if you have a specific question: clientcare@jen-mac.com.

What do I need to do if I want to attend one of Jen Mac’s classes or programs? How do I sign up?

If you wish to sign up for one of Jen’s classes or programs, you will need to first fill out our uniform, one time request form. Once your request form is approved, you will then be guided through the payment process. Once your payment is received, you will have completed your enrollment and officially have a remaining spot reserved!

Why is there a one time request form in order to attend Jen’s classes or programs?

Everyone interested in attending one of Jen’s classes or programs fills out a one time request form before being accepted to attend or participate because on both sides, there is an investment. On both ends, there is an investment of time, energy and financial commitments. Therefore, we want to be certain you are a candidate who is in the correct place in your life to truly benefit from what we offer. Otherwise we are wasting your time, energy and money along with ours and all the other participants. Jen does what she does because she is passionate and invested in living her best life along with anyone else open to or already on that journey! Therefore, it’s more important to us to make sure you’re in the right space and time in your life to truly benefit from what we offer over taking your time and money. With this process, we can then ensure a safe, supportive and productive environment for everyone!

If I am an O.C.M. (Original Community Member who took a program/programs between 2003-2012) do I still need to fill out the new, uniform, one time request form?

Yes! Everyone fills out our new, uniform, one time request form; both Original Community Members and those completely new to our community.

What is the cost?

Please go to our “Offerings” page to learn the current cost/fee for each of our offerings.

What are your payment policies?

For our programs, all payments are made in full, via e-check, debit or credit card via Paypal and are non-refundable.

Does Jen Mac’s Something Different For Women give back in any way?

Yes! We are excited to share that after much passionate research and great thought, we have chosen two organizations to give 10% of all our pre-tax net proceeds to annually. “Women For Women” and “Global Fund For Women.” We are very excited to help support even more women in this additional capacity.

Can I “gift” my friend/mother/cousin/co-worker a class or program?

We do not allow gifting of any classes or programs as we have found over the span of a decade that while intentions are always good, it rarely works. Since a deep, personal desire, willingness and receptivity is required in order to gain the full benefits of this work, someone not making their own personal investment on every level, including financially, rarely commits fully to the entire experience and process. Therefore, so as not to disrupt the positive flow for all those 100% personally invested and enrolled, gifting is not currently offered.

How often does each program meet? How many times a week or month and for how many weeks or months?

Please go to our “Offerings” page to learn how often each program meets, for each of our different offerings.

How long is each actual class? How many hours?

Please go to our “Offerings” page to learn how long each actual class is, for each of our different offerings.

How many women are there in each class or program?

At this time, there is no cap to the size of a class for any of our offerings.

What can I expect to experience in a class or program?

Lots of positive energy! From the moment you begin your class or program journey, you will feel and experience a lot of positive energy, love, beauty, warmth and openness. All classes and programs are lecture style where you get to listen and then rather frequently, open your notebook for introspective exercises, creating a very interactive experience! These classes are a place where you can reflect and think about yourself, your life, what needs to change and how exactly you can begin to do that. There is also often community support; through sharing your individual positive progress, inspiration and/or exciting ideas. You will leave each class with clear concepts, examples of these concepts, how exactly to implement them and assignments to do so. Sometimes assignments are personal, sometimes suggested with a partner. All progress can be shared in between classes in a variety of ways (via systems already put in place for you through email and Facebook) for those who desire the additional good energy and support in between classes!

If I sign up for a class or program, what is the total time commitment involved? Is there homework?

Every single class within every single program we offer is set up to benefit you as much as possible on every level! Therefore, there are always post class assignments so that you can actually step into class ideas in between classes and really make positive changes. There are also built in community systems so that you make connections with other like minded women, feel supported and share your exciting and inspiring progress and growth! While nothing is ever mandatory, it is strongly suggested that in addition to the time you spend attending each class, you also spend somewhere between 1-5 hours per week implementing class ideas through assignments and community connection. Basically though, we encourage you to participate in as much as possible so that you see the positive changes in your life you are desiring to create!

Is my personal contact information needed to be a part of a class or program?

Yes, of course. In order for us to be able to contact you for any number of reasons, contact information is always collected and a class contact sheet, always created. For example, should we ever need to cancel or postpone a class or program, we want to be sure we can easily reach you! Additionally, while we never sell your information to third parties, in order to best support you and create strong community, we may at times partner you up with someone in a class or program to help hold you accountable, do assignments together or simply have someone to share your exciting changes and progress with! This has always been a favorite aspect of our classes, programs and community… and a cornerstone to the way we operate since day one.

How quickly can I expect to see positive changes in myself or in my life?

Positive change can occur both quickly and slowly. This is dependent on many factors. In Jen Mac’s own life she has had times where things turned around very quickly and other times where certain things took several years. She has also seen both situations hundreds of times, in hundreds of clients. What we encourage is for you to trust your own process, knowing that whatever speed positive changes are occurring at, they are happening at the speed best for you and in ways that will best serve you… or else they would be unfolding and happening differently!

Does taking a class or program guarantee me results?

Taking a class or program does not ever guarantee anyone results. As with all things in life, what you put into something is what you will get out of it. There is no magic pill here just like there is no magic pill anywhere with anything (and if someone tells you otherwise, run!) Therefore, it is essential that you put as much of yourself into a class or program as you yourself wish to get out of it! Wanting just a little inspiration? Direction? A reminder? Some new thoughts to float around in your head? Then just show up, listen and trust you’ll absorb enough. Want a lot more? To achieve a specific goal? A full life makeover? Then show up early, take copious notes, do every single assignment and utilize every, single resource. You get the picture. 🙂

Can the positive changes I begin to see or make in myself/my life stick? Can I really maintain these positive life changes for the long term?

Absolutely yes! Even so, positive changes do not maintain themselves! Therefore, whether your positive changes are large or small, come quickly or slowly, all of them must be maintained to some degree. This is specifically why we do our best to offer some type of ongoing program that can be attended whenever you may need continual support or a good brush up! This is also why our programs are ongoing or designed for longer periods of time. Having the built in time within a program to really get the chance to live these lessons week to week, asking yourself certain questions as they arise, then fine tuning new ways of being for yourself (all with the support of others making changes too), allows you to really create lasting change. This doesn’t mean you must always be in a class or a program! Still it does mean that you begin understanding we can always continue to grow, improve and better our best…at any time or stage in our lives, for the rest of our lives! We only need to be willing to continue on our path when we desire it, enlisting whatever ongoing or occasional brush up/check in support we find ourselves needing.

In addition to the fee for any class or program I sign up for, are there any other additional costs?

Yes! In addition to any class or program fee, you will need to also purchase a notebook of your choosing to utilize for the class or program you are taking as well as one to two additional program materials (i.e. a book, a dvd and/or scrapbook) that will be used as an addendum to the class or program you have signed up for. These necessary program materials will be an additional, total cost of somewhere between $10.00 to $30.00 here in the United States and you will be responsible for purchasing them yourself, prior to starting. (If you are taking a program from another continent, materials may run you more. Please look into this in advance if it is a concern for you). Once you have a spot officially reserved via payment and are confirmed through email, in that email you will learn exactly what materials you need to get for your specific class or program.

Are there any guidelines and policies set up for this community?

Yes! In order for any community to thrive and be a safe and positive environment for all, there must be guidelines and policies! We are a community of like minded women who come together to learn, grow, support and make positive changes. After offering these programs for over a decade, it is very clear to all within this community what is permitted and what is not. Prior to taking any class or program, when filling out your one time request form, all of our Community Policies and Privileges (some already within these FAQS) are clearly outlined there and must be checked off/agreed to before submitting. This is how we continually maintain our amazing, positive, safe and vibrant community!

If I can’t take a class or program now, how can I stay in the loop about future dates?

You can check back here anytime or sign up for our mailing list on the home page (or any page) of this website. Click here to sign up now.

Do you ever offer any classes or programs for men?

We have always been open to classes for men – since the very beginning – in 2003. However, we have not yet ever had enough male inquiry to create a class for men! Even so, please feel free to email us if you are male and interested in a class or program. We can then put you on a list and if/when there is enough interest, contact you.

If I have a success story to share from taking one of your classes or programs, how can I let you know?

We LOVE success stories! In fact, we get so many great emails sharing wonderful outcomes that we now have an email address exclusively for receiving them! To share with us any of your exciting progress, terrific success or great news, please email us at positivechanges@jen-mac.com

If I have an additional question or several questions not found here on your FAQS page, how can I get in touch with someone to answer them for me?

At Jen Mac’s Something Different For Women, we have a wonderful, friendly staff available to answer your questions. For clients and potential clients, please email us at clientcare@jen-mac.com. For press and other inquiries, please email us at inquiries@jen-mac.com.