Program Description

Offered as an online, complimentary program, you receive a “Positive Thought For The Week!” each Monday via email. In that email, you can then click through to our community Facebook page to enjoy a quote, article or video there, every single day each week that correlates to the topic…so you can learn even more about it! You can also leave positive comments there daily; to connect with other like-minded, wonderful women doing the weekly program! Then, each Wednesday receive a mini class via video directly in your inbox! In each video Jen lays out a fun, 5 day exercise / assignment you can step into, to actively live that week’s thought! Finally, every Friday receive that week’s final email with some affirmations focused on the topic as you round out your week! Whether it’s self kindness, laughing more, believing in ourselves or another great topic, each week’s content offers you an opportunity to positively expand your life investing only minutes of your precious time, every day! Designed for women with the desire to become their best selves & live their best lives.

This Complimentary, Online Program Offers The Following Each Week:


  • A Positive Thought Via Email Each Monday; To Focus On For The Week Ahead!


  • A Daily Quote, Article Or Video On The Weekly Topic; Found On Our Community Facebook Page…For You To Enjoy Each Day Of The Week!


  • Community Connection Via Our Facebook Page!


  • A Mini Class Via Video Every Wednesday With A 5 Day Exercise / Assignment…So You Can Learn How To Live That Week’s Positive Thought!


  • A Series Of Affirmations To Enjoy Every Friday; Supporting You In Keeping Your Thinking Focused & Clear!



Ongoing & Daily. This Program Can Be Done On Your Own Personally Scheduled Time.



Online & FREE!


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