“I began my journey with Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore in 2004. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am in 2011 without her. Quite simply, Jen gave me the tools to build a foundation for the rest of my life. Her expertise permeates my consciousness every day and in everything I do. From leaving Corporate America and starting my own boutique business, to releasing relationships that do not serve me and defining what I am truly looking for in a soul-mate, Jen has showed me the power of ME. In an age when coaches & classes are becoming a dime a dozen, Jen is quite simply…a diamond in the rough. She exudes an air of grace and ease yet is extremely profound and powerful in her teachings. I encounter many inspirational women day-to-day, but not one has impacted my life as much as Jen Mac. Knowing her is an honor, working with her is a privilege!”

Carrie Jablonow, 35, West Hollywood, CA, Culinary Consultant & Event Planner

“Jen Mac is phenomenal! She has truly changed my life for the better. Her support and empowerment has been an inspiration to me the past 2 1/2 years from the moment I took the first class of the ‘Power of Right Now’. I have taken all of her incredible eye-opening classes and during ‘You, Inc.’ I landed a book deal! Specifically she has taught me to get out of my own way, create an abundance mentality and an attitude of gratitude.

Her reminders of prioritizing our goals and focusing on the top two have been instrumental to achieving them. She leads by example and is a rare gem: Genuine, compassionate and knowledgeable. Plus, she has managed to single-handledly create a spectacular community of like-minded driven and fun women in a supportive environment. Inspiration Alley is awesome! My dearest friends now are all Jen Mac divas. Thank you, Jen for enlightening us with tools to manifest the biggest and brightest dream day ever! Lots of love.”

Vicki S., author and career expert

“A good friend introduced me to Jennifer and ‘Something Different for Women’, in Fall of 2004. Due to my own hesitations and misguided perceptions, I was not ready to make change but I kept Jen’s work on my radar. Ironically, I was in the first chapter of a brand new, healthy marriage and I was running like a deer caught in the headlights. Funny to say, but as I look back, I not only am grateful to Jennifer, but amazed by her radiance, consistency, and thorough truth in her teaching, that allowed me to realize, the only thing I was running away from, was myself and the good happening around me. I have harnessed the greatness and released many obstacles from family absences to fears of unworthiness, through strong, wise, reality lessons that Jen coached me through. I am blessed in so many ways since starting Jen’s first class, ‘Power of Right Now’, and taking the adventures through ‘You, Inc’, ‘The Relationship Course’, and several ‘Inspiration Alley’s’, to have manifested and appreciated the following (this being a small portion of what I truly believe I’ve gained from Jen’s personal and provocative insights on living truthfully with One Self: A happy, healthy, balanced, and respectful marriage, a beautiful family of children and the presence to enjoy the gift of motherhood, not only a successful company still running five years later which Jen helped me to pull into focus, but I’ve created room for myself in life to enjoy BIG, BOLD moves like investing, making life’s work out of hobbies I pleasure, and truly the most important, I rest. I rest well at night knowing I am enough, I have far more than enough, and I am truly blessed in all that I do and have created…If everyone had a little touch of ‘Jen Mac’ in their lives, the world would be, a better place.”

Christina A. Craig, 33, Creative Business Woman, Mother

“Jen Mac helped me to understand how I was limiting my self and my life. I now experience more pure joy on a daily basis, and my relationship to others and to my career has improved drastically. Since having completed the course, I have reached all of the goals that I initially set for myself.

Now I am confident that I can move forward and tackle future goals…. and feel a healthy sense of entitlement while doing so. ”

Jessica F., Consultant for Non-Profit Organizations

“I came to Jen’s Power class a few months after my divorce. I was stuck in my old life, afraid of being alone for the first time in my life and had no confidence in my future. After the first class I felt that there really could be a light at the end of my dark tunnel. The sense of community and accountability that Jen’s classes offered far exceeded what I got from a top therapist. After the third class I was excited to be with ME, my future began to look a lot clearer and I started developing what is now a new business. My life has taken a total 360…I can’t even think of where my life would be without Jen’s support.”

Michele R.

“I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I met Jennifer. At 39, I was out of a bad breakup and, though a successful TV producer, feared that all the years I spent career focused meant I had blown my dreams of what I really wanted — the right relationship and my own family. My job depressed me and lacked the passion I once had and my search for love had become a viscious cycle of one night stands fueled by my own fear and anxiety about being alone.

In short, I was a mess. A friend told me about Jennifer’s class. At first I was dubious, but landing in Jennifer’s presence is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received in life. Before I met her, even though I was a humble person and had many wonderful things in my life, I could only look at the negative and wonder, “where did I go wrong?” Jennifer has an incredible story and a spirit to match. By using her own life as an example, she has shown myself (and other women) the power of focusing attention on the positive. Through taking her classes and private sessions, Jennifer gave me the tools to become aware of myself and what I put out into the universe and the understanding that I create my own life. She has given me, and hundreds of other women, the tools, exercises, and community to figure out, what life do I really want? How do I deal with my anxiety and panic in reaching these goals? How do I make my life better on a daily basis and for the long term? Most importantly, she made me aware of my own power to make these changes, and what to let go of that wasn’t working in my life. Jennifer’s classes are unbelievably rewarding with the very best, most gifted and caring teacher by your side.

In a short time, I’ve had many successes. I’ve shifted creative gears into creative writing and had my first article published. I have learned that to find the right relationship, I have to be my very best friend first. And I’ve learned to do that! And I know that the right relationship is close by because I am dating from a place of confidence and self-love versus fear. Jennifer has put me on the path to my best life, and for that, I am grateful.

Danielle G., 40, Media Producer