“It is without exaggeration when I say that taking Jen’s classes reset the trajectory of my life. When I took her first class, ‘Power of Right Now’, I had just ended a long-standing relationship to a man who was not all that different from the string of ill-suited men that I had been dating. It was a theme in my life that was all too common and I had finally grown exhausted by it. The problem was, however, I had no idea how to change this pattern– until I took Jen’s classes. By the time I ended her second class, ‘You Inc.’, I had started dating this wonderful man and was engaged to him a year later. I not only met this man, but I learned how to allow this level of love into my life. I now have the most amazing, happy and healthy marriage that strengthens daily. I truly believe that making this happen would have been a lot more difficult, perhaps even impossible, without Jen’s wisdom and the classes she offers. I am truly grateful.

Bridgette R.

“When I used to admire people in loving relationships with families and great jobs, I used to think they were lucky. Now I realize that luck has nothing to do with it. After working with Jen, I now see that everyone has the power to create the life of their dreams. Jen has given me the tools that I needed to create mine. I am now happily married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and we are just beginning to turn more dreams into reality together. ”


“When I first was introduced to the idea of Jen’s class I was resistant to the concept and wasn’t sure it was for me. After seeing changes in my friend after she had taken the class I began to inquire more about it. Needless to say, I ended up taking Jen’s class. One of my goals was to be in a relationship. I always blamed men for every relationship gone wrong. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the ‘Power of Right Now’ that I was able to uncover the reasons why I hadn’t been in a successful relationship in years and change those behaviors. After concluding Jen’s class, doing a lot of hard work and thinking- I found someone special that I have now been with for over 2 years. I have also had a few privates with Jen, most recently regarding my career; 2 months after our conversation I am now furthering my career with an amazing company that I am so happy to be a part of!”


“When I first signed up for Jen’s ‘Power of Right Now’, I didn’t know what to expect. I simply knew I needed something to help me “feel my life” again. At the time, I was still struggling over a breakup that happened a year earlier and was on antidepressants to help me cope. Not surprisingly, my creativity was suffering as well. I was, and am still, a writer. Jen’s infectious enthusiasm, her accomplishments in her own life, and no-nonsense guidance completely won me over. I thought, “Here’s an empowered woman and want me some of that!”

Because of Jen’s lessons, my approach to dating completely changed. I actually became present to each date and found myself having fun! When I finally told her about my former boyfriend, she said something that stopped me cold: “It’s not – does he want you, Barbara, it’s do you want him?” It was the first time in a very long time that I felt I had any power when it came to relationships. It certainly made me scrutinize this relationship to see if it, and he, was worthy of me. Did I want him? Brilliant!

When I decided long and hard that I did, Jen was on hand to help me sort through my feelings and keep me on the empowered path. I definitely believe Jen was instrumental in helping me create a strong, loving relationship with my ex-boyfriend, now husband since 2004.

Jen’s teachings continue to impact my life today. I no longer take antidepressants (haven’t been on them for more than 8 years). I am completely in love with my husband, and he with me. He wants to make me happy and does. We own our dream home, a 1928 cottage with a water view just outside Manhattan. I am staying home with our beautiful daughter and have a steady freelance career. I also completed a final draft of a television pilot that is being produced. I’m looking forward to pitching it this fall!

Not to say my life isn’t without its challenges. It is. Yet, I have created a very strong support system and am able to turn to the tools and techniques that help keep me on my empowered path. Thanks to Jen, I “feel my life” fully, every day, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Barbara H. 47, wife, mom and writer

“I have had the honor of working with Jen Mac for the past 7 years and boy have I evolved thanks to her! When I met Jen I was in the midst of a very sticky divorce living life as a single mom of 2 young children working an intense all consuming job. At the time, I thought my life would never be the same and I would never find love, happiness, balance and peace again.

I have completed all her series of courses and then continued with private sessions on a regular basis. Through her guidance I was able to come to terms with my divorce, finalize my divorce decree favorably, develop a healthy relationship with my ex husband that is no longer contentious, guide my emotionally scarred and troubled children through a rough patch and help them to find peace and happiness with their new lives and they are THRIVING. I was also able to find and create a loving relationship with a wonderful new man who is now my husband and the father of my 3rd child, who has been the best gift of all the hard work I have done with Jen. In addition, I created a happier balance between my work and family life. With the help of Jen’s counseling, I found the strength to ask for what I want and deserve and push myself out of my comfort zone to negotiate a better situation for myself and my family. I now work on a reduced schedule, made partner of my firm and negotiated a better compensation plan and an equity piece of a 100 Million dollar company. I can now afford to provide my kids a better lifestyle and spend more quality time with them on a regular basis.

I owe all of these significant changes to Jen’s work. She has an amazing ability to listen, understand your needs, identify the problem, help set goals and then hold her clients accountable to achieving those goals. She will help to keep you on track to take the necessary steps to make the changes needed in your life to achieve your goals.

Within just 6 months of working with Jen, I was on the right path to living out my designed life that I have fully achieved today.”

Linda G., Wife, Mother of 3 and Partner of a Staffing firm

“My life has not been the same since I met Jennifer. To say that it has changed would be an understatement. To say that it’s changed positively is the only place for me to start. I lost a job that I loathed within a week of starting Jen’s classes and I think that was no coincidence. My work with her had just begun. 7 years ago when I came to Jen, a normal day was going to the job that I absolutely hated, feeling like a failure, going out afterwards every night (drinking and smoking and living what I thought was “the single life”) or a good shop at H&M. I was adept at numbing myself in every way possible to not feel my sense of helplessness in my life. People always referred to me as a “free spirit” which these days I know meant that they thought I was fun but kind of a flake. I felt like I had no idea how I had gotten to where I was and didn’t care. So, I guess I started to care when I showed up at Jen’s class.

I had read it in books, seen Wayne Dwyer say it and heard it in yoga-that learning comes through the things that challenge you as a person. Jen helped me to see that I could live this and was living it… Jen helped me to see myself and ultimately, value myself . I wanted to get married but never even let myself feel or imagine being married, having a family or feeling joy in my life that didn’t come out of a cute shirt from H&M, a good gin and tonic or a phone call from a hot guy. Jen gave me tools to implement into my life daily so that whether it’s work, my marriage, or even a bad phone call with a loved one—I can turn it around and learn something about myself that can aid my life in a positive way. Challenges feel like fun ways to find something out about myself. At least that’s how I see it most days.

Jen has been my coach, my mentor, my guide and something I really never expected: a friend. I know that Jen has my back and is here to support me. And, I feel the same about her as she has shared so much of herself with me. I work in many circles of healing. Jen is a healer in high heels. I love her for what she has given me and for the community of women that she has created that support me. And, oh yea, I am married to an amazing man (who would do anything to make me happy), have a job that I literally mapped out with her point by point (and just happened to “land” in my lap from a friend’s referral a month later) and I’ve saved enough for a down payment on a house. I have become the force of direction in my life and my marriage. And, I feel a sense of peace that I never felt before. I have days where I still feel helpless but I always know that I’m going to be ok…Life is a journey for sure and I’m glad that Jen was one of the people that has helped and is helping me on my way.”

Suzanne L., Age 42, Sales Director

“Working with Jen Mac has been life changing. Jen is real, honest, caring and supportive and treats each person as an individual and each situation as unique. Jen opens up about her own life experiences and makes you feel comfortable the moment you start working with her.

When I began working with Jen I was going through a really hard time. A four year relationship that I was in had just come to an end and I was really struggling. I often thought and believed that I would be alone forever. I started with Jen’s ‘Power of Right Now’ class and it inspired me so much that I ended up taking every single class and working with Jen privately. After a lot of hard work Jen helped me to shift my thinking and refocus my thoughts and I was able to make a lot of significant changes in my life. Jen helped me realize that what you think about you bring about and I realized I was constantly thinking negatively. I am now in a wonderful marriage to an amazing man and I am so thankful that Jen entered my life. Jen- thank you for all that you do every day to help so many women. You are a true inspiration.”

XO, Marissa

“The relationship course this weekend was truly ground breaking for me. It was perfect timing for me to take this course at this very moment, after the ‘Power’ class and in midst of the ‘You, Inc.’ Thank you Jen, for making this an experience of true personal growth for me! I am inspired and at the same time reassured in my being ME…I am energized today, just knowing that I indeed do have the power I have believed to be lacking as of late 🙂 Your illustrations provided for much needed insight…I command you for your stamina of holding a two consecutive day session and for managing the energies in the room seemingly effortlessly! So, I am simply saying: Thank YOU, Jen!”

Andrea G., Banker/Financial Advisor, Private Wealth Management

“Thank you for one of my best experiences ever!!!! I loved loved loved the class. You are such an inspiration and I appreciate all of your guidance and wisdom. I think everyone should take ‘The Relationship Course!’ ”

M. L., 33, Finance

“After living a pretty unconscious childhood, I finally woke up in my 20s and spent years searching for ways to better myself. I read books, attended workshops, did years of therapy and I experienced some modest growth and success. Desperately looking for answers (and probably a magic pill to take away the pain), I felt stuck in a state of overwhelm because I held the perception that there is so much information to absorb and not enough time. I didn’t know how to sift through the clutter and make sense of it all.

When I started working with Jen Mac in 2004, I was willing to do the hard work and I wanted RESULTS. Working with Jen Mac allowed me to experience breakthroughs on a deeper level, more than I thought possible. Jen Mac’s straightforward teaching style, class exercises and priceless daily tools provided a clear roadmap, and I finally understood that everything began with ME, and the pieces started to fall into place. For the first time in my life I took full responsibility for what I was creating, and realized that I actually design my own life. What? Mind = blown. This empowering revelation allowed me to dive deeper into myself, my patterns, and get clarity around what I really wanted in my life.

For years I had wanted to create a healthy relationship but always picked unavailable men. Through Jen Mac’s courses (shout out to the Relationship Course! Pure gold!), I learned how to heal the relationship with myself (seriously this was so needed!) and alter the course of my life. Jen Mac taught me that consistently doing the hard work and staying committed to my goals is the key to getting results.

My outcome of working with Jen Mac? I am married to an awesome guy, and I thank Jen every day for being there to provide me with the skills and tools to create my life. Jen Mac’s courses get results, plain and simple. I am living proof, and will never stop singing her praises.”

Stephanie, NYC