Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore is an executive life coach, trainer, speaker & writer, who’s been helping others further their own personal & professional development since 2003.

Her 1 on 1 clients are successful entrepreneurs, executives & c-level leaders in New York City & around the globe. She also serves women everywhere aspiring to lead – whether it’s to become a better leader to themselves, in their homes with their spouses and/or children, in their communities, at their jobs or with starting a business.

Jen’s belief is simple:

When you focus on your own further development & continually create a life you love, you live better. When you live better, you’re better to everyone around you…especially those you lead!

Living this credo has allowed Jen to consciously create & live her own dream life, including being of service to more than 1,200 clients.

How did Jen go from being majorly overextended…to once again feeling happy to serve? Read Some Of Her Story Here.