Course Description

“Positive Transformations” invites you to make, maintain or build upon any positive changes you’ve desired, created or been working on! Whether you’re feeling great and simply want to maintain that, feeling down and in need of a lift or desiring to keep learning more in regards to becoming your best self and living your best life, “Positive Transformations” is the place to be! Available to both original and new community members, this course offers everyone the opportunity to experience positive feelings through empowering self introspection, clear directional steps, fresh motivation, some fun and community support! If you’re looking for an opportunity within our community to continue your own personal development or simply maintain what you’ve already created within and without, “Positive Transformations” is a perfect place for you! Divided into several sections, this course offers something for everyone:

  • An exercise to gain more connection to yourself
  • An overview of the “Positive Transformations” journey
  • Clarity – see what’s working well in your life and what’s not at present
  • An exercise to begin making positive changes with that clarity
  • A lesson or a review on how to prioritize
  • A “solutions oriented” exercise
  • A real, inspiring life story each class with clear points to take away and apply to your own life and current goals
  • A topic for each class with an accompanying exercise
  • An assignment after each class for you to step into and apply
  • A community of like-minded women to take the journey with


What To Expect

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