On January 4th 2003, I began offering the first in my series of courses to 3 girlfriends. Since then, it’s grown to over 1,000 beautiful women in both New York City and around the globe! A little more than 98% of you arrived through sheer word of mouth; either seeing positive change in the woman/women you knew and asking what they were doing…or a woman you personally knew experienced positive change and shared it with those around her! Today, our community continues to grow more and more quickly, in this still lovely and very organic way.

For nearly the entire first decade (2003-2013), I was able to create, prepare for and lead every single class, course and private session I offered as well as handle every single email, sign up, waitlist request, confirmation email, writing of content, weekly mailers, all of it! Until one day in 2012 when I realized our community reached it’s tipping point and had grown too large for me to handle on my own anymore. Overwhelm, created by a lack of support systems for the demand I was now experiencing, showed me I needed to now rebuild my business from the inside out; creating new and better infrastructure as all growing businesses must do. At the time, I had a baby and a pre-schooler! Therefore, I knew this rebuild wasn’t going to happen with my current workload AND little ones…so I made the only sane choice available at that time and took an immediate hiatus. I decided to enjoy my babies and when time and inspiration allowed, begin the process of recreating and redesigning the way I worked!

We’re excited to share that we’re now back providing our Original Community Members (clients from 2003-2012) with the same level of service you’ve always experienced while also accommodating our growing community around the globe! We’ve painstakingly redesigned our offerings to best serve all on their personal journey of positive change! True to what I teach, I’ve consciously examined every facet of my courses over the last few years and retained exactly what works best for all my clients’ positive progress; enhancing those practices even more! Our offerings now give everyone more long term, ongoing support due to more powerful lengths of time for each course as well as increased, advantageous infrastructure. We’re truly proud as we continue to offer inspirational courses designed to support women more powerfully than ever in their creating and maintaining the life of their dreams!

As we now enjoy a second decade of Jen Mac’s Something Different For Women, LLC, we’re beyond excited for the continued journey ahead! Those that find and feel this is the right place for you, we welcome you (or welcome you back!) We also sincerely look forward to your journey or continued journey, of positive forward movement within our very special community!

In Loving Peace, Genuine Service & with Sincere Support,
Jen Mac & The SDFW Crew