On January 4th, 2003 in New York City, Jen began offering the first in her series of programs to 3 girlfriends. From that point on for about a decade, out of her programs grew a community of nearly 1,000 incredible women in both New York City & around the globe! A little more than 98% arrived through sheer word of mouth; either seeing positive change in a woman/women they knew & asking what they were doing…or a woman they personally knew experienced positive change & shared it with those around her. It was truly an amazing community!

For just about the entire, first decade (2003-2013), Jen was able to joyfully create, prepare & lead every class, program & private session she offered, as well as handle all sign ups, emails, waitlists; all of it! Until one day in 2012 when the community reached it’s tipping point. Jen had suddenly more clients than she could manage in the ways she originally set things up & always worked. Knowing major change was needed, she took an immediate hiatus. With two small children at that time & not enough clarity regarding how to progress, she started shifting her focus to raising & rooting her young family. That same year Jen & her family left the city & moved to the suburbs of New Jersey.

In Spring 2016, Jen finally returned to her work & community in New York but lasting just a few, short months. Despite delegating & creating structural & systematic changes, the managing of it all, as well as the commute, was too much for her with her young children. Wanting to continue doing what she loved though, she began creating an online, complimentary program from home. When it was completed, she trusted whatever might be next would show itself when the timing was right!

In Fall 2017, Jen began exploring local needs & opportunities. By Spring 2018, certain requests in New Jersey for her to do speaking engagements & trainings started happening & feeling right…including an opportunity to lead an annual, ongoing development program in 2019!

What exactly comes next? We’re not yet sure! Only that as this second decade of Jen Mac’s Something Different For Women continues, there’s great excitement for the journey ahead!