Like everyone, I’ve struggled a good amount in my own life. As a result of wanting to ease my own various life challenges, I began seeking 28 years ago and quickly came to learn that there is indeed, another way to live! Over the past two and half decades I have both learned and implemented a plethora of tools that can be studied and applied consciously to create the lives we desire IF we are willing to both do the work of learning AND applying them.

While proactively and positively changing my own life, an unexpected outcome of my own personal transformation journey was that I became passionate about sharing what I learned and continually live with those too, interested in living their best life! It is from this space that my programs and this community were born. 28 years after beginning my own journey, it has now become my life’s work and purpose; to support others who also desire to consciously create the life of their dreams!

Below is what I believe, based on my own personal, life experiences and through the experience of helping over a thousand others too…


I believe that anything is possible! I believe that we are here to learn, grow and do our best to live out our fullest expression of self; whatever that may be! I believe that we are also here to love and help one another and that despite many atrocities, this world is ultimately, a good and wonderful place!

I believe that even when our confidence is shaken to its core, we can rebuild it. I believe it’s never too late to find love and create healthy, loving relationships. I believe that the time to tell people what they mean to us is now and that no matter what our age, it’s never too late to start over, start again or start something new!

I believe that the universe has our backs, wants what is best for us and is conspiring in our favor at all times; even when it doesn’t look that way or feel that way at times. I believe we co-create our lives. I believe that people are innately good and that while this is true, it doesn’t always come through because some of us are hurting- whether we know it or not or show it or not.

I believe that we are all in need of healing and forgiveness at times. I believe that love heals everything and at the core, is truly all there is.

I believe that there is a time for everything and that the duality of life (birth/death, joy/sorrow, movement/stillness, etc.) exists in our human experience for our growth. You can’t have a rainbow without first having rain. It’s the universal design for how we become more conscious and more appreciative. Sometimes, it’s even how we find our purpose.

I believe that for as long as we are here, we are always able to learn more, grow more and do more. I believe anything we set our minds to, we can accomplish. I believe that we are wired to connect with each other and while we may do just fine on our own, we absolutely thrive when we have the support of others; especially, support within a like-minded group of equally terrific people!

I believe that our souls are eternal, that self care is of the utmost importance and that everyone and everything is interconnected. I believe lots of love, laughter, clean eating and sleep can assist healing greatly, with many things. I believe that our bodies have the capacity to do miraculous things; that healing at times is mental, emotional, spiritual AND physical…not only taking place in the body. I believe that surrounding ourselves with like minded, supportive people is both good for us and good for our health.

I believe in loving kindness and in miracles. I believe we can always learn more life tools to allow ourselves to live our best and most fulfilled lives. I believe that everyone and everything is our teacher, that we can manifest any dream we have and that we have all of our dreams in the first place, because they are meant to be!