jenmac-headshotAfter attending several great parochial, public and private schools…as well as a top university, I came away realizing that some of the most useful knowledge and life skills needed for me to be really successful in life, had not ever been taught to me!

So at age 17, I set out on my own to begin learning all the things I felt strongly were necessary to both know and learn in order to live an exceptional life; how to love yourself, be happy, at peace with yourself and others, comfortable in your own skin, how to create a healthy, loving relationship with a significant other, how to create loving, reciprocal relationships, how to do work you love, have both purpose and passion, care for yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially, how to make transitions successfully, create, map out and achieve goals, conceive, birth and parent more consciously… and the list continues to grow and evolve as I continuously progress on my own life path, which also includes sharing with and empowering other women these last 15 years.

This all has become my life’s work, as I’ve now spent over two and a half decades studying in depth, positive, personal transformation via my own journey…along with more than 7,700 hours lecturing on and teaching what I’ve both accomplished and learned on that journey, to well over a thousand women in New York City and around the globe. For those interested in my full bio, click here.